The Healing Power of Crystals - Types of Crystals and Their Uses

A Selection of Different Healing CrystalsThroughout history, many cultures have appreciated the potency of crystals as a healing source. Ancient societies, such as the ancient Egyptians, the Mayans, and the Sumerians, all adorned themselves with crystals and gemstones to align, clear, and transform their energy, health, and spirit.

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in the magical healing powers of crystals. In this article, we will be educating you on the most popular types of crystals out there and their uses.


Use: Clearing
Examples: Quartz, Moonstone, Selenite
White crystals are highly absorbent and can act as powerful cleansing agents. Use white crystal for clearing your body and spirit of negative thoughts and energy. Just be sure to clean the crystals frequently as they are potent absorbers.


Use: Energizing
Examples: Ruby, Garnet, Jasper
Red crystals are noted for the high level of energy that they contain. Red, symbolizing fire, invokes a sense of alertness and action. The use of red crystals can help you stay alert throughout the day and keep tiredness at bay. They can act as a better substitute to unhealthier alternatives such as caffeinated beverages.


Use: Alignment
Examples: Amber, Sulphur, Mookaite
Thanks to their ability to harmonize vibrations, yellow gemstones work great at helping you reorganize your energy patterns. This makes them the perfect choice for use in situations where you need to instill a new habit or break an old one.


Use: Releasing
Examples: Copper, Sunstone, Aragonite
Orange is a smoothing and energizing color. Orange healing crystals release all the negative energy out of an area and help give a boost to positive energy. Use orange gemstones when you feel down or mentally exhausted.


Use: Allowing
Examples: Tiger’s Eye, Petrified Wood, Halite
Brown is the color of fertile soil which provides the nutrients for seeds to grow. Brown crystals serve a similar purpose in your life, providing the means to help you grow through your life’s journey. Use these when you are taking the next big step in your life.


Use: Communicating
Examples: Sapphire, Sodalite, Angelite
Blue crystals symbolize the sky and, thus, are all about openness. When you are trying to seek the truth, using blue crystals will greatly aid you in your quest.


Use: Balancing
Examples: Jade, Emerald, Malachite
Often, our physical illness is a result of our inner energies being out of balance. Green crystals have good balancing properties, and hence, work great for healing physical ailments.


Use: Protection
Examples: Tourmaline, Apache Tears, Obsidian
Black crystals are powerful energy repellents. They will protect you from all sorts of negative energy that can bring you harm.


Use: love
Examples: Rose Quartz, Morganite, Rhodonite
Pink is the color of romance and combines the passion of red and clarity of white. Use these stones in situations when you need to deflect anger, improve your relationships, or love and appreciate yourself more.

If you want to know more about crystal types and their powerful benefits, feel free to get in touch with me online.

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