Reiki and Past Life

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The possibility of a past life is an idea that has been through numerous scientific examinations and religious studies. Yet, it remains a dubious concept that’s neither been proven nor denounced. The longstanding uncertainty surrounding the contentious topic has created a rift between spiritual healers and scientific savants who refuse to change their views. But even with all the tension and lack of clarity on the subject, many firsthand accounts suggest that believing in a past life is comforting as it gives humans a sense of origin; it helps them understand why they are a certain way.

But that only happens when a person unearths their past using spirituality and alternative healing because let’s be real, science hasn’t invented anything yet that can do the job. Many spiritual healers and chakra experts help people uncover their history and make peace with it. This might sound implausible, but it’s not; the energies humans possess can be used to dig into their past lives and bring out repressed memories that are buried deep into the soul.


Spiritual healers use multiple meditative techniques to help people remember their previous lives. Regression therapy is among the most commonly practiced methods to revive memories from a past life in someone. It lures the brain into a trance-like state, prompting the hidden memories to surface. NC Reiki Master Myra Herron Ray believes that by using holistic healing systems such as regression therapy or reiki, a person can acquire peace and make sense of instances that seem too familiar but are happening for the first time.

Reiki and Past Life

When you go for a session to jolt your memories, an expert will use relaxational centering, guided meditation, open visualization, reiki energy, and other techniques to evoke your dormant recollections. Once you get a taste of the power that these spiritual procedures possess, you will keep coming back. And the best part about all alternative healing methods is that they don’t require you to be spiritual or overly religious. All you need to have is an open mind, and you are good to go.

Don’t fall prey to the idea that in order to benefit from your past life, you need to believe in religious texts or be of a specific religion. No holistic treatment is based on religious doctrines, be it Reiki and Christianity, or any other grouping; spiritual healing is for everyone.

If you feel unsettled by those unexplainable feelings and memories that keep showing up, you should consider consulting a reiki master or chakra expert. They possess the unsullied energy to carry you into your past life and give you answers about yourself.

Want to know more about past lives? Reach out to us at Ignite Energy Group and have all your queries answered.

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