How to Know If You're an Empath – The 9 Signs

The traits of an empath means that they can easily connect with and understand peopleEmpaths are people who are highly sensitive to other people’s feelings and can sense subtle emotional cues many other people may be unaware of. Here’s how to know if you’re an empath by checking if most or all of the following signs apply to you.

1. You ‘Absorb’ Other People’s Feelings or Illnesses
Not only do you quickly pick up on what other people are feeling or suffering from, but you also feel their emotions as your own. This is not just limited to psychological aspects; even a person’s state of physical well-being is felt by you as if it’s occurring in your own body.

2. The ‘Feel’ of a Place Is Important to You
Since you easily pick up social cues, you can quickly feel overwhelmed in chaotic or stressful places. Your mood reflects the ‘feel’ of the place, and naturally, you thrive in locations with plenty of peace and calm.

3. You’re Prone to Spontaneous Burst of Emotions
Being an empath means your mood can change quite suddenly, especially in public places, as you absorb what others are feeling.

4. You Find It Easy to Understand People
You intuitively know what the other people are going through even if they have a hard time expressing it.

5. You Can Easily Spot a Lie
Because you are sensitive to subtle emotional and social cues, you tend to know when a person is being dishonest.

6. You Have a Calming Effect on Other People
Since you can easily empathize with them, people find it easy to talk to you and feel more at peace in your presence.

7. Your Reaction to Cute Things Are over the Top
Compared to most other people, your feelings towards babies, pets, and other cute things are much stronger, and you can’t help but gush in the presence of something cute.

8. Intimate Relationships Overwhelm You
Managing deep relationships is not easy for anyone, but in the case of an empath, it can be exhausting since they constantly feel what their partners are feeling, alongside their own complex emotions.

9. You Put Others First
A deeper understanding of others and their pain means you are often selfless in putting the needs of others first before your own.

For more information on empath traits or if you have any questions, contact us here.

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