Healing with Tiger’s Eye

Different types of tiger’s eye stones - blue, rust and green/redTiger’s eye is a powerful quartz gemstone, amber and brown in color. In some parts of the world, the stone is considered to be a form of protection from evil eye and is known to have some remarkable healing powers. Some of the benefits of Tiger’s Eye are mentioned below.

Benefits of Tiger’s Eye
There are several benefits associated with the tiger’s eye. It is believed that this stone is one of the most powerful tools used for healing and protection. According to Health Line, a tiger's eye can be beneficial for career aspirations as well.

Tiger’s eye is known to protect evil eye. Thus, wearing it or having it around you will protect you from bad things that may occur as the result of other people’s jealousy toward you.

Clear Thinking
This unique stone gives you the power to think calmly and clearly without letting your emotions get in the way. It helps you choose the correct path by avoiding impulsive reactions or emotionally charged routes.

Personal Empowerment
Tiger’s eye will give you a boost of courage and self-confidence to handle any challenges that might come your way. You will be brave enough to tackle every challenging situation, whether it is mental or physical.

The stone helps to promote harmony and calms the fears of anxiety or depression. It also encourages tranquility within the family or between partners by reducing tension and levels of stress.

You receive the energy to fight against all odds. Your senses get heightened, and you get enough willpower to conquer all problems. Tiger’s eye also helps you fight bad traits, such as an addition to drugs or alcohol.

You can benefit from having emotional as well as physical strength through a tiger's eye. It can help you recover quickly from any injuries or illnesses. It generates positive behavior, which leads to better health and prolonged life.

Tiger’s eye helps you become more graceful and elegant. It refines your personality and helps you find your way and purpose in life. You can recognize your own needs and react to other people’s needs accordingly as well.

The Power of Colors and Chakras
According to Hindu philosophy, there are 7 points in the body that influence the mental and physical well-being of a person. Each point has been assigned a corresponding color of the tiger’s eye. A few examples are given below:

Red Tiger’s Eye
The red color represents the Root Chakra, which indicates signs of tiredness, anxiety, constipation, insecurity, and aggression. The tiger’s eye is used to heal all of these issues by providing motivation and overcoming lethargy.

Blue Tiger’s Eye
The blue color indicates stress, temperament issues, and anxiousness. The blue-colored tiger’s eye helps to overcome these feelings and provides peace to the person.

Reiki is a form of medicine that is used for energy healing. It improves the emotional and physical health of a person. Reiki practitioners use the power of healing through the palm or hands by transferring universal energy into the person in order to encourage them emotionally and provide physical strength. Gems are used within the Reiki practice to enhance the Reiki experience. Myra Ray is a Reiki Master, healer, energy sharer, and trainer. Click here to read more about Myra Ray.

Final Words
Tiger’s eye helps to substantially reduce the levels of stress and anxiety within a person. It stimulates a form of positive energy by establishing balance and peace. The stone also helps you make conscious decisions and have a better understanding of things without letting your emotions cloud your judgment. Check out Ignite Energy Group to learn more about Reiki and Tiger’s Eye.

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