Empath Series: What does it mean to be an Empath?

 Silhouette of a person looking up into the skyAre you easily shaken up by the people around you? Do you get emotionally exhausted often? Do you feel uneasy around specific people? Have you ever been told that you ‘feel’ too much? If so, then you are most likely an empath.

Empaths are ultrasensitive people who are profoundly affected by the feelings and thoughts of the people around them. They are excellent at judging the emotional and mental state of everyone around them and are tremendously affected by it. In other words, empaths carry a lot of empathy for others, sometimes to such an extent that they end up taking on the pain of others even if it means hurting themselves.

The term empath is primarily used by psychiatric experts to describe individuals that feel for others excessively. However, spiritual healers also use the term empath for people who can sense other people’s emotions and energies.

Most Common Traits of Empaths

  • Excellent listeners
  • Close to nature
  • Emotionally expressive
  • Don’t like confrontation
  • Hypersensitive
  • Reliable friends
  • Easily distressed

Being an empath can be emotionally taxing. But it also has some perks. Empaths are super intuitive and kind-hearted. They love to take care of others, which is why they make life-long bonds.

On the downside, empaths feel a great deal of anxiety. According to a 2011 study, most empaths tend to have social anxiety. Moreover, they are deeply affected by the violence and pain of others.

Living with so many intense emotions can be overwhelming. Therefore, an empath should learn to manage their feelings better so that they can live a healthier life. One of the best ways of controlling your energies and emotions is by seeking holistic therapy, such as Reiki.

Reiki is an alternative healing technique that uses life energy to help people recover from any kind of spiritual ailment. Reiki is generally practiced by a spiritual healer who channels their energy into the patient. It is an effective way of gaining emotional and mental stability.

NC Reiki Master, Myra Herron Ray believes that Reiki can bring the much-needed tranquility into people’s lives. Although Reiki is spiritual, it is not related to any religion. Many people believe that Reiki and Christianity are somehow connected, but that’s not true. Anyone can seek help through Reiki regardless of their religious or ethnic background.
If you want to know more about dealing with excessive empathy or the benefits of Reiki, contact us today at Ignite Energy Group. Our Reiki and chakra experts will help you find peace and serenity in life.

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