Bowl of Carnelian in Wood FrameLike the Japanese form of alternative healing called Reiki (霊気), crystal healing is a century-old holistic and natural healing technique that uses semi-precious stones and crystals to alleviate many physical and spiritual ailments. One particular crystal which has been praised since time immemorial for its holistic qualities is Carnelian (also spelled cornelian). Identified as the birthstone of people born under the sign of Virgo, this semi-precious gemstone is growing in popularity among the residents in North Carolina as it can be used to boost creativity and restore vitality.
Let us see in detail what this enigmatic stone is and how it helps enhance one’s health…

A Quick Lesson in the History Of Carnelian

The name “carnelian” is a 16th-century corruption of the 14th-century word “cornelian.” Cornelian is derived from the Mediaeval Latin word “corneolus”, which is itself derived from the Latin word “cornel”—red cherries that resemble the gemstone. However, the Oxford English Dictionary defines “carnelian” as a perversion of “cornelian,” based on the Latin words “caro,” which means flesh.

The healing powers of Carnelian were known to many cultures, including the Greeks, Romans, Ancient Sumerians, and Ancient Egyptians. Most of these cultures used the beautiful reddish-brown Carnelian as an ornament.

While the Greeks used it for engraved gems known as “intaglios” (which they further used in their signet rings), the Bulgarian tribes fashioned this stone into beads and Egyptians into talismans or amulets for protection. Much like the Greeks, Romans also used this stone to make engraved gems for signets and rings, which were used to imprint a seal with wax.

For the Arabs, Carnelian was one of the stones of kings. They linked its rich red color to the fierce energies that we often associate with a lion, the king of wilderness. Arabs believed that when worn, this gemstone can render kings confident and bold and fill them with a fiery passion.

The Carnelian Mythos

The Ancient Egyptians had many myths related to this gemstone. Their lore stated that the golden-red color of Carnelian represents the magical blood of Isis. Isis was the ancient Egyptian goddess of fertility and was also known as the goddess of motherhood, magic, death, healing, and rebirth. Isis was a major goddess in ancient Egyptian religion whose worship spread throughout the Greco-Roman world. This is perhaps why the stone is reputed as the gem for reproductive health and childbirth.
Furthermore, the Ancient Egyptians considered this stone precious because of its metaphysical qualities. Its golden-red color reminded them of the sun setting over the desert, symbolizing the soul’s immortality.

Egyptians often used Carnelian and another semi-precious gemstone- turquoise, as they believed the former’s fiery qualities would be balanced out by the latter’s air and water associations. The ‘fiery qualities’ that Egyptians spoke of were personified in their fierce warrior goddess depicted as a lioness Sekhmet and the milder qualities associated with turquoise were materialized in the solar deity Hathor.

They also used Carnelian for its physical properties. Since hot wax does not stick to Carnelian, it was an ideal gemstone to bejewel official seals. Sometimes placed in a ring of clay, it was worn and used as a signature seal. In fact, this seal was often placed at the heart of the deceased so that they can use it in the afterlife. Additionally, a scarab beetle made of Carnelian with signature hieroglyphs was considered a perfect amulet for both the living and the dead.

Source: Carnelian Symbolism and Legends

Carnelian: The Artist’s Stone

Because it is related to the sacral chakra or the Swadhisthana chakra—Located just below the navel, Carnelian has the power to invigorate artists and fill them to the brim with creativity. No wonder many chakra experts call it “the artist’s stone!” Wearing Carnelian will help you write, dance, sing and paint to the best of your abilities.
Not only artists but anyone who has a demanding career can benefit from Carnelian. As it rejuvenates and boosts vitality, you can wear it to never run out of stamina and stay productive every time.

It will stimulate warmth and heat within you, loosen your limbs, and allow the energy to flow throughout your body. After being all pumped up, your fears will not be able to withhold you from saying an emphatic “yes” to innovative ideas, or to spontaneity.

You will experience greater motivation as well as gain new inspiration as your previously lacking energy is restored. Carnelian will help you to get that new lease on life, allowing the creative juices to flow freely in your body.

No doubt, this stone can also be called a “letting-go” stone as it escorts you out of your shadows and cocoons and consistently lets you churn out creative outputs. In fact, your energy will be a contagious one. When you adorn yourself with carnelian jewelry, your vivaciousness will notably start to rub off on the people within your social circle.

Holistic Healing Through Carnelian

NC reiki master, Myra Ray, believes that not only can Carnelian spark your creativity, but it is also known for healing many other diseases. It can relieve you of your lower back problems, rheumatism, neuralgia, and arthritis. It can keep your kidneys healthy and accelerate healing in bones and ligaments. Carnelian can also treat mental illnesses such as depression. Lastly, it will ensure a good blood supply throughout your body.

On the other hand, Carnelian has the power to promote positive life choices, give courage, and dispel apathy. If you wear it, you will be confident in believing in yourself and your perceptions. It will sharpen your concentration, banish all the negativity from your life, and keep you away from anger, envy, and resentment.

If you don’t want to miss out on all these benefits, you should consider adding Carnelian to your set of necklaces or earrings or adding it as a showpiece in your house.
If you want to learn more about how Carnelian can help you improve your life, check out Ignite Energy Group. You can also contact our reiki and chakra experts today and become the best version of yourself.