Lapis Lazuli: Wisdom, Self-awareness, and Spiritual Enlightenment

Many different shapes and sizes of Lapis Lazuli - the gemstone of wisdom self awareness and spiritual enlightenment

The innate powers of gemstones like lapis lazuli (or lapis for short) are undeniable. These mineral crystal pieces are known for being helpful tools for those in search of their spiritual paths. They are also a crucial component of healing in many energetic disciplines, especially in the Japanese form of energy healing called reiki. Used by renowned Reiki Masters; such as Myra Ray, these gemstones target and dissolve energy blockages in the human body and help to reconnect the energies in the body with the natural world.

Myra, a renowned NC Reiki master, believes that carrying lapis lazuli is nothing less than carrying a little healing piece of heaven in your pocket. The spiritual and physical benefits of this gemstone are too many to count.

How do healing crystals work?

When speaking of alternative healing systems that focus on the holistic healing of a human, healing crystals top the list. From fighting depression to bringing self-awareness, the healing properties of crystals are matchless.

But how do these inanimate gemstones bring physical and spiritual healing to a person?

It is believed by many chakra experts and Reiki Masters that these crystals allow positive energy to enter the human body and do away with all the toxins in the body, leading to holistic recovery. This alternative healing method works by channeling chakra energy and healing a person from the inside.

Since these crystals are extracted from nature, they harness the natural healing energies of the sun, moon, and the ocean. When these crystals are placed over a body, they interact with the body's chakras to promote physical and emotional wellness.

The molecular composition of the crystals induce a particular vibration in them, which interacts with a person's chakras and uplifts their mood and mind. They work in the human body in a fashion similar to essential oils and aromatherapies.

Lapis Lazuli: the most valuable healing crystal

Lapis lazuli, also known as the stone of wisdom and peace, has been the most popular and valuable gemstone in the entire mineral kingdom. With a deep blue surface, white streaks, and speckles of golden pyrite, a glance of lapis lazuli will surely remind you of the celestial bodies above.

Lapis lazuli was also used by innumerable ancient cultures. The Egyptians were mesmerized by this beautiful deep-blue metamorphic rock and used it as burial jewelry to decorate the tombs of those resting in peace. On the other hand, the Islamic societies believed that lapis lazuli protected them from the evil eye. In the Sumerian culture, the crystal was associated with Inanna, the goddess of love.

Spiritual benefits of Lapis Lazuli

The appealing sapphire blue color of this magical stone is an indicator of self-expression and awareness. In contrast, the power illumination that is rendered to the one who uses it comes from the specks of gold pyrite. Such is the power of lapis lazuli that it awakens the Third Eye and helps one in trusting the inner knowing.

Lapis lazuli works to enhance spiritual awakening. It paves an invisible yet powerful way for them to connect with the Divine, giving them spiritual enlightenment. It bridges the gap between the physical world and the spiritual realm and helps them reach a higher state of awareness.

Are you struggling to find your spiritual purpose in life and seeking awareness? In that case, this is the stone that you should be looking for, as it will help you tap into your inner wisdom and unveil your authentic truth. It will give you access to the hidden parts of your soul and enable you to embrace your pure self and not just the outer persona that you present before the entire world.

Lapis lazuli is also known for filling the one who carries it with wisdom. It enlightens them to the fact that the answers they are seeking are within themselves. Chakra experts may encourage you to carry lapis in times you need to be led by your intuition. Lapis lazuli resonates with the third eye chakra (also known as Ajna Chakra). The third eye chakra is a mystical and esoteric concept of a speculative invisible eye (usually depicted as located in the forehead, just above the area between the eyes), which provides perception beyond ordinary sight. By impacting your third eye chakra, lapis lazuli catapults you to an entirely new plane of holistic spiritual development and provides you with mystical consciousness by honing your inner clairvoyance.

Lapis lazuli also works with the throat chakra (also known as Vishuddha Chakra). The throat chakra is usually depicted as being located at the base of the throat and is responsible for communication, self-expression, and the ability to speak your personal truth. By impacting your throat chakra, lapis lazuli can help you explore and polish your artistic and business talents, apart from fuelling you with confidence to speak your heart out without compromising. This stone can liberate you from all self-imposed limitations.

Physical benefits of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli also offers many physical advantages. It is a unique stress buster and can fill you with a strange yet comforting, serene inner peace. If your on-the-go lifestyle gives you frequent headaches or migraines, you can place this stone on your forehead to extract all the negative energy.

Other common benefits of using lapis lazuli are a more robust immune system, purified blood, controlled blood pressure, and lower inflammation.

What form of Lapis Lazuli is best for you?

Lapis lazuli will benefit you no matter which form you use it in. It is commonly found as spheres or tumbled stones, but the most convenient way to wear it is as a piece of jewelry: pendant, earring, ring, or bracelet. Regardless of how you use it, though, make sure to choose a crystal with darker hues of blue because the darker the color, the stronger the stone’s powers.

If you want to learn more about how Lapis Lazuli can help you improve your life, check out Ignite Energy Group. You can also contact Myra Ray our reiki and chakra experts today and become the best version of yourself.

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